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Will you choose an edition with a set of genuine accessories or will you start with a blank canvas and add your own selection of genuine accessories?

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First ride: 2017 Kawasaki Z1000SX review

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Model accessories. Cookie notice We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.The recipe needs to be a considered blend of two styles of bike that appear to sit at opposite ends of the spectrum but like peanut butter, bacon and banana, create something special when brought together. Conversations about sports bikes often centre on power, precision, track prowess and pedigree, and saving tenths of a second.

An update in endowed it with new suspension and brakes, plus traction control and two power modes. Chuck in the new 15mm taller double-bubble screen and the ZX did a good job of keeping me protected from both wind and rain. Raise it up to the highest of its three settings using the lever under the clocks and wind protection is much improved. And with hp and Tank capacity remains unchanged at 19 litres — 2 litres more than the Suzuki and one less than the BMW.

The engine is superb — it fuels sweetly, has a great throttle connection and bags of power everywhere. Whenever I pinned the throttle to send the needle of the analogue tacho rushing for the 11,rpm redline, I was rewarded with rich, smooth power delivery.

The engine is most exciting above 7,rpm, where it pulls with intent, to the soundtrack of a healthy induction roar from 6,rpm. When the pace quickens, the ZSX feels sporty, powerful and exciting. Level one is the least intrusive and allows power wheelies, level two cuts in a bit sooner but will allow the front to lift, and level three is for wet riding.

The new traction control system makes for a reassuring ride in poor conditions and when cracking the power on along a sun-drenched road, or even a track. Less technically impressive is the fact that the ZSX still doesn't have cruise control - feature which is sure to be missed on long motorway slogs. It's not available as an aftermakret accessory from Kawasaki either, although heated grips are. The electronics are controlled using a switch on the left bar.

Changing between high and low power modes and adjusting the traction control settings is intuitive and easy, even though cycling from traction control mode one to two means pressing the down selection button, not up.

The ZSX required firm and consistent steering input; I was frequently putting more effort into counter-steering than I usually have to.

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Having to be more dominant and active with the front end meant more of my attention was absorbed by keeping it on the right line. Perhaps the Bridgestone S20s are responsible for this feeling. At the end of a day and a half on the new ZSX, I spoke to one of the European technical guys about the front of the bike. I asked whether the model has received any chassis changes. When I told the technical guy my thoughts on the front end, he also pointed the finger at the tyres and admitted he'd heard other 'reports like this'.

The performance of the engine is complimented by an equally impressive set of brakes. At the front, twin Kawasaki-branded four-piston radial-mount monobloc calipers bite on to semi-floating mm petal discs.

z1000sx forum

What the front brakes lack in sharp initial bite, they more than make up for with lots of power and excellent feel, which is something I was consistently grateful for in the rain. Other changes to the ZSX include new dual LED head lights, which are unquestionably bright and made the easily bike visible through the drizzly, misty gloom of a rain soaked Autumn afternoon.

After seven hours in the saddle, I was still able to feel my arse. As for the riding position? The bike has also been improved because the standard pillion hand rails are now compatible with the panniers.When we last left the Ninja inall we could complain about was a bit of engine buzziness around rpm, a too-firm seat, and a lack of modern features, i. Newly sculpted plastic with LED lighting and integrated front blinkers too.

Clip-on handlebars rise a few inches above the top clamp to meet you, and the rubber-clad footpegs are only slightly rearward. The engine has always contained a secondary balancer on the engine crankshaft, but for it seems to be somehow better at its job than in years past. To provide a natural feel, friction is used to simulate the feel of a throttle cable. The fuel injection and electronic throttle valve settings mean response is both quick and smooth which helps the rider maintain control when riding at low speeds while also contributing to the sport riding potential of the Ninja SX.

Whatever they did, this Ninja runs smoother and cleaner than any previous one, with outstanding throttle response under all applications, from leaving stops to rolling it on exiting high-speed corners at high rpm. From there, you can whack open the throttle and be at in about two seconds, or switch on the cruise control and roll relaxedly along.

A wider fairing and taller double-bubble windshield part a slightly larger bow wave. The new seat uses a new, denser form of urethane according to Kawasaki, along with dampers in the seat base for reduced vibration. I had to ride seven hours before the editorial fundament began feeling less than fresh, and even then it was the lower back more than the butt that was complaining.

z1000sx forum

Lately it complains all the time, though. It may not be the bike. The revised 41mm inverted fork soaks up bumps better than ever, thanks to the addition of a low-speed slit the engineers added to the damping pistons to help relieve pressure during compression.

The fork is three-way adjustable; the rear shock remains the same with rebound and preload adjustability. The hydraulic remote preload adjuster knob lets you reach down with your right hand on the fly. Counterclockwise for less preload and a swanker freeway ride.

Set mode to Sport for the sharpest throttle response, which remains smooth in spite of its immediacy. In Sport, you can feel free to brake deep into corners and get on the gas early as you attempt to achieve higher numbers on the lean-angle indicator in the new, 4. The left-grip controller lets you scroll through all sorts of info; I really need to turn the lean-angle deal off for my own self-preservation.

In the old days, we strove to use less lean angle. We were too busy riding…. It works okay around town, but at higher revs it works excellent: Full-throttle upshifts never miss, and lots of times instead of grazing the brakes, downshifting a gear is another foolproof option as the KQS perfectly matches engine speed.Hi Everyone, hope all is well under current circumstances So i was riding my bike the other day Kawasaki zsx model, and the engine management light came on, solid light and the Full and low power mode plus KTRC lights are flashing.

z1000sx forum

It could be one of a myriad of things. You need to connect it up to some sort of diagnostic tool. Does it have an OBD port? Is it a standard one?

You might be able to read something using one of those Bluetooth OBD readers possibly? You can't easily take a part from one bike and then fit it to another. Hi Marjay, yes its a standard one. Eavesy wrote: i spoke to kawasaki and said it could be a wheel alignment sensor it can happen when on a paddock stand or given a wash.

Kawasaki Z1000SX: Real World Road Test

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Please explain your rating. Please be fair in your ratings!Riders have been shunning. The Kawasaki Z is a four-cylinder motorcycle in the streetfighter or standard style. But how could you walk into a Team Green showroom and not be drawn straight to the supercharged stuff?. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul Detailed bikes comparison on Kawasaki Z vs Kawasaki Ninja ; compare on. ZSX Motorcycle pdf manual download. Also for: NinjaNinja abs, Zsx abs.

No db killer available. Full titanium construction; Advanced flow dynamics. This totally independent site is devoted entirely to the Kawasaki ZSX. The arm that holds the pen can.

It has been very well taken care of. Hardly ever ridden. I have added a set of new Two Brothers Pipes, a power commando iii boxa rear seat cowl which is very hard to find and a tinted windshield. The version has. Stainless Steel Rear Disc Bolt imperial nuts and bolts uk These include a range of hex head screws, bolts, woodscrews, machine screws, washers and many more fixings and fasteners. Materials and finishes including self colour, zinc plated, stainless steel etc.

So what better way to improved this slick cc 4 cylinder motorcycle than to ask for the opinion of the riders of the outgoing Kawasaki ZSX. The top points. Find the power to move you in the ZSX with seductive styling, latest electronic rider aids plus practical touring features. Home Terms and Conditions Cookies Contact sitemap. Contents Kawasaki zsx bikes 70mm bore tip Power commando iii box Premier kawasaki z Feature independent front suspension ifs Practical touring features. About the author Elna Young.When equipped, California evaporative emissions equipment adds approximately 2.

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Always wear a helmet, eye protection and proper apparel. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Non U. Equipment illustrated and specifications may vary to meet individual markets. Please provide the username or email address that you used when you signed up for your My Kawasaki account. Dealer sets the actual destination charge, your price may vary. Click on product to zoom. Bore x Stroke. Compression Ratio. Fuel System. Final Drive. Electronic Rider Aids.

Front Tire. Rear Tire. Front Brakes. Rear Brakes. Frame Type. Overall Length. Overall Width.

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Overall Height. Ground Clearance.At Bike Social, we pride ourselves on bringing you the most comprehensive group tests online and with the being first with the new model reviews.

But each week our man Scott Redmond brings another angle to our road tests. With one man, one bike and a tank of fuel, Scott hits the road to give you his verdict on a current model bike, seeing how it performs as he goes about his daily life.

This week, it's the Kawasaki ZSX. Is there still a place for the sports tourer in these days of the adventure bike? Those brakes haul up mm discs.

z1000sx forum

The petal effect is something Kawasaki still enjoy, as they appear on plenty of other bikes in their range. They are a nice touch but their cartoonish dimensions look awkward once your initial enthusiasm wanes. Pushing the mass along is a four-cylinder, water cooled 16 valve engine. In these days of intergalactic sports bikes that tease you with many more ponies, you could feel underwhelmed by the power on tap.

I think we need a reality check here. To see what these ingredients of weight, power and ergonomics result in, I necked the 19 litre tank and bid the city of Peterborough a farewell.

I pointed the chubby face of the Zed towards the east. From the sprawl of Peterborough the Zed carried me in supreme comfort out through the countryside and eventually deposited me by the coast. I enjoyed this ride more than I thought I would. The big ZSX is perfectly at home in the real world. Although my ride was in temperatures in the mid 20s, it was accompanied by very gusty winds. These were felt the hardest across the A15 artery as I left Peterborough and headed out Spalding way.

The flatness of the Fens that the trunk road scythes through making me easy pickings for strong winds. The weight of the Kawasaki helped to keep me on track. Also aiding my progress was the screen. It looks like an afterthought, with a chunk of Perspex bolted to a series of flimsy brackets, but it works remarkably well.

Having negotiated Boston, I bonded further with the SX on the windy road towards the coast. A few hills were welcome as our route kissed the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds. With farmers busy harvesting, our haste was thwarted by various tractors going about their duties, each one despatched swiftly by the power of the Zed.

One thing that did niggle me were the clocks.

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